• PRON Sɑli-ər-ach

    Gaelic meaning "To brighten, become clear. To clarify, to illuminate."

  • Illuminate to Communicate Effectively

    Soilleirich Communications Group, founded in 2012, is a consultancy that specializes in corporate and employee communications. We live by our tagline "engage the brain, ignite your message".


    Soilleirich is passionate about the art of communication, and we are energized by the growing body of research that calls on the business community to make their employee communications mind-friendly.

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    Janet Hueglin Hartwick


    Janet specializes in changing public perception of complex issues. Meeting the challenges of everything from organized highway blockades to professional activism, she has successfully reframed dozens of multifaceted issues.


    Janet helps professionals become confident and effective communicators. Over the course of her career, Janet has assisted professionals in many organizations including the Ontario Public Service, the City of Hamilton and the Coalition for Music Education in Canada.


    She is the recipient of 12 national awards for her work in corporate communications, advertising and government relations.